Stephen is an award winning composer for film and television. He has scored a number of films including FUNNY MAN, HOWLING 2 and SPLIT SECOND. ROUGH MAGIK the opening episode in his Lovecraftian series (as Screenwriter/Producer ) won first prize at the annual HP LOVECRAFT film festival and is now available in the USA on DVD from LURKER FILMS and has been included in the UK WISHBABY DVD package. From 2002 until 2005 Stephen assessed and made creative suggestions for over one hundred and fifty film scripts for the IFC film development company.

His first feature WISHBABY is now complete. It stars TIANA BENJAMIN, FENELLA FIELDING and rapper DOC BROWN in a teenage 'creepy doll' picture set in a contemporary urban landscape.

His second feature SO CHRISTIAN YOUTH is now in post-production, it's a drama set in London about the breakdown of a fundamentalist youth cult. Starring Don Letts, Francois Pandolfo, Abi Curtis, Richard Dean and Doc Brown.