Michelle Berk aka Remy23

A Chicago native, Michelle Lynn Berk grew up in Miami, Florida. She earned a
Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Minored in Photography at Chapman
University in Southern California. Michelle is currently exercising her
artistic talents by combining her love for music and her passion of visual
images, working in the Music Video Industry.

Michelle utilizes her experiences behind the camera and in the studio to
fully realize the conceptual nature of her art. What originally began as a
childhood doodling exercise blossomed into a true vocation. Using design
markers, Michelle creates a unique perspective, contrasting the granular
structure of pointillism with the complexities of fractal design and tribal
folk art.

Michelle’s pieces are both organic and geometric in nature. The shapes,
abstracts and simplistic colors move easily, drawing the eyes in a continual
motion around the piece. Although reminiscent of the pop art of the 60s,
Michelle’s pieces contain a fluidity uncommon among the 2-dimensional trend
of that era. The depth and motion created in the work captures the eye as
well as the mind, adding yet another dimension to a remarkable body of work..

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