Ride that cow, BOY!!

Born August 19, 1974, to my parents Joe and Kathy, two wonderful and supportive human beings, who, I might add, are still together.  This seems to be a rarity nowadays.  Lived in Victoria, Texas until the age of 19, where I learned how to paint still lifes of fruit and small ceramic bowls at Victoria Community College. Was repeatedly asked why I couldn’t paint something normal, like a southwestern porch scene.  Received no degree.  After receiving a substantial amount of money, due to an automobile collision involving a churchgoer with terrible parking lot etiquette, I moved from the void to Austin, Texas, where I’ve remained ever since.

current goal and real-time mission strategy

The extinction of my dependence on a real job, and the ability to support myself, and my habits, by painting monsters and naked women all day long.

your place in the scheme of things

Contribute to the “Joey wants to work in his underwear” campaign by purchasing available artwork, or by commissioning your very own painting to adorn the walls of your domicile. If you work for a business, or are lucky enough to own your own business, I can be persuaded to provide illustration or graphic design.  At some point in the near future, there will be a resume following this text. So if you feel the need to peruse my credentials, keep checking back....Thank you for visiting the site, and tell your rich friends to drop by.


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