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"What the hell kind of name for a band is that?"

The whole thing began on a windy, Costa Mesa afternoon as the boys sat in a backyard under swaying eucalyptus and sycamore. They had all been quiet for a time until, to break the silence, someone asked "What's happening?" Glancing down at a funeral procession cascading down the 55 freeway, Mike McHugh answered in his jovially sarcastic manner, "The f.h. hill co. is happening." And those few words brought about the naming and launching of a new popular music group.

"Who are these guys?"

Marvin Munson, also known as "Gentleman Marv," is best known for his kindliness and good nature. Brown hair, blue-eyed, Marv stands 6' at 162 pounds. His philosophy of life centers on happiness. He says, "I'm only happy when everyone is happy...and that includes me."

If you can't find Mike McHugh recording or on stage, you'll probably find him fishing, listening to records or practicing Latin percussion. Mike McHugh is a relaxed individual with a cheerful, easy manner but performances inspire in him a restless, driving evergy. His favorite season is summer when he says, "Everything swings."

Bass player Mike Morris is the youngest and most outgoing of the group. He was born in Hollywood and stands 6'1" at 165 pounds. Mike first love is performing, which he finds "Fun and stimulating."

Chris "TeD the LoTioN" Mortimore, the band's lead vocalist, is an outdoorsyish sort who would one day like to sail the South Seas. He is a native of Hollywood and stands 6' at 150 pounds. The season he favors most is Autumn because as he says, "I know a girl by that name."

"Have they released any records or CDs?"

f.h. hill co. has released several independently produced 7" records and a full length CD "Parlor Songs" which in out of press(possible repress if requests keep coming in.)

"OK, I get it. Now sum it up!"

Together, these four dynamic personalities create some of the most exciting sounds in modern rock music. Grooving from a pure source, Marv, McHugh and Morris kick down thunderous rhythms and schiziod riffs, over which LoTioN's paranoic ramblings and tortured yells scorch and burn with a sinister, disturbing presence.


Skratch - 'Parlor Songs' CD - To call this band creative would be a massive understatement. With distorted vocals, unusual minor sounding chords, unexpected changes and odd transitions, this is music I can visulize serial killers getting off on. Perfect soundtrack music for a cult-ish B-movie. Close your door, light some candles, pop in some mind altering drugs, sharpen your serrated knife and play this CD. You will fuckin' freak out. -- Rachael Easton

Splendid Ezine - 'Parlor Songs' CD - If smart, crankin', hard-driven, post-style rock and roll is yer bag (as it is mine on occasion) then this band needs to be heard. The ten songs on F.H. Hill Co.'s debut full-length charge forth with tight chops and cold shock delivery. Kind of brings to mind a tame version of the Unsane, or else June of 44 minus all the song breaks. Swampy, dirge-rock bass lines grumble along in tandem with challenging guitar-line parts, as lead singer Chris Mortimore unleashes his drowned-out message through a distortion filter. The majority of the tracks on Parlour Songs follow an atypical pattern, changing the direction of each number to keep control of attention, while still rocking the hell out. It's a real exercise in good taste. Do yourself, and others a favor: support tiny label good music and check out their webpage. -- davis ford

Aiding & Abetting - 'Parlor Songs' CD - Linear, yet unsettling, noise rawk. Like if fluf decided to crank up the distortion levels another buttload. The songs unfold like a well-worn highway, but it's still great to take the ride. Best enjoyed at loud volumes, of course, though the songs are good enough to be appreciated at relatively low levels as well. The sound borders on horrific at times, but even while the vocals are getting lost in a wall of haze, the rhythm section keeps bouncing out and moving the proceedings along nicely. All attitude and very little skill. Not that I'm complaining, of course. It takes something special to create the controlled chaos in as these songs, and there sure is something to be said for this wild ride. A wonderful rush, really. F.H. Hill Co. pounds out a glorious racket, and deserves to rake in the consequences.

Mean Street (Vol. 8 Issue 3) - 'Parlor Songs' CD - And now for something completely different...comes f.h. hill co.. You know, when you see noted insturments on an album which include Irish tin whistle, 68 Ludwig lava swirl and brass simulated nickel copper discs, you're in for something out of the ordinary.
These guys, hailing from Fountain Valley, live by the philosophy that if everyone's happy, they're happy - and then some. But what does the music on their self-titled Lotion Industries CD sound like? Chris, Marvin, Mike M. and Mike M. describe it with phrases like "pure source," "thunderous rhythms," "schizoid (schiziod?) riffs," and "tortured yells."
That about sums it up. If you'd like a deviation from the norm (whatever that is), you may take a shine to f.h. hill co.. If you'd like to contact them for whatever reason, please either call 714-216-0576 or email at http://www.lotion.net or chris@lotion.net.

BAM - 'Wide Lovely' 7" - NOISE ROCK WITH A VENGEANCE! The band f.h. hill co. borrow a little from the blues. Which inevitably means they sound a lot like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. "What Frequently Happens" meanwhile, is a bit reminiscent of Hater. The group is even less slick, however, than those two aforementioned bands; they manage to really jam as the lead singer screams oh so delightfully (albeit unintelligibly). (LoTioN Industries, P.O Box 2182 Costa Mesa, Ca. 92628-2182)

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL - 'Wide Lovely' 7" - Sounding like a cross between KILLDOZER and NEW BOMB TURKS, f.h. hill co. play some twisted brand of bluesy punk rock n roll. Their distorted, guitar-heavy sound is really cool in this era of standard, formulaic popcore. This 3-song EP is a tease. Give me more. (JH) ($3 ppd: LoTioN Industries, P.O Box 2182 Costa Mesa, Ca. 92628-2182)

ANGRY THOREAUAN - 'Wide Lovely' 7" - An eye-catching cover, but not for the artwork. Off-kilter, hardcore craziness that is similar to JESUS LIZARD (but without the brutal bass lines). Crazed vocals and wild, out-of-control guitars, the first cut builds into an almost insane cresendo. The songs on side two is very similar to the obverse side's effort; manical vocals, howling guitar feedback, wierd breaks and a general insanity that permeates the entire project. Sure to be a favorite among lobotomy patients so count me in. (LoTioN Industries, P.O Box 2182 Costa Mesa, Ca. 92628-2182)

f.h. hill co. is no longer in service.

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