Internet Distribution and Mp3

LoTioN Industries has the answer

With the advent of the mp3 digital music format, LoTioN Industries has taken time to consider, conceptualize and put into effect, an entirely new approach to handling 'record deals' using the internet as our public distribution headquarters.

Mp3’s have just begun to gain the attention of the music industry in a negative way by posing as a threat to the sales of recorded music merchandise. People are accumulating massive personal libraries of this new and highly compressed music format on their home computers(modern entertainment centers) and trading them with their friends and  f t p communities. This makes purchasing the actual CD, record, tape, etc., licensed and produced by record companies, pointless. People are even listening to the songs they haven't heard in  10 – 20 years and have never purchased on CD, but because of the convenience of mp3 format, these songs are becoming popular again. Mp3's are so easy to locate and swap with others on the web and they store quite efficiently. Record companies have no idea what to do and are trying to put  laws into effect against the distribution of mp3's, but that isn't the answer.

Trans X Records is proud to be one of the first in the world to begin releasing new music under a completely re-designed format of 'record deal.'  By completely and whole-heartedly embracing the mp3 format and supporting the widespread public distribution of mp3's, Trans X Records will set a new standard as to how music release and distribution is handled. 

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