cRaZy MeaT fILms

Crazy Meat Films is a very very tiny but imaginative independent film production company. We specialize in using the Fisher Price PXL-2000 toy video camera. Future projects include a music video for a well known hip hop artist, a personal project for PXL-This 9 and a short film about a couple of motorhome drivers.


Check out what Osama's been up to:'s a fashion shoot!!!

Osama love's the little puppy! (pt. 2)

more at:


nUtsack's Sac-umentary

"wha'dja do ta my weeed dude?!"

Film projects that have been produced by Crazy Meat Films are :



dir Augustine Arredondo

complete and available from

Coming soon!

Coming Soon!

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Interested in the pixelvision camera? Email here!
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