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Wed, 01 Dec 1999 01:31:23 -0800
Miltner Parsons <>

Oh man, 4, you are still my favorite band since your stuff came out. I
am so bummed that you guys are not together any more.. it would be fun
to see you guys play again.. you always had wierd drummers though, but
they were always good. AJ, you play a fuckin' mean bass, i'd like to
hear you play that style more now, nothing sounds like that anymore, the
stuff like Shellac, Unwound, Jehu. Matt - dude can we just hang out
sometime so you can teach me your guitar stuff? what are your tunings, i
want to see you play more and learn... you guys are gods.

-a guy


with emails like that, it just doesn't get much better.


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4! Three assholes who think jazz is better than punk rock! Actually, 4 is a high-powered trio from Costa Mesa, Ca. that has toured the West Coast and Mid-Western United States extensively. 4 have released their first CD "Unusual Warmth" in 1997 on Cargo Records. 4 has previously released four 7" records including two from Girth Records; "String Crack Effort," and a split single with Costa Mesa's very own f.h. hill co., as well as "The Power Of The Mind" compliation (Mindpower Records) and "The Past And The Present" (Goldenrod Records).
With the advent of drummers Miles Gilette (fluf) and Mike McHugh (f.h. hill co.), 4 have delivered their thirteen song album "Unusual Warmth" like a head on adrenaline rush with enough mesmerizing verve to ruffle your panties.


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